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"Well, I don’t think syrup qualifies as strange, though…I think this is actually fresh", Lir shrugged, raising an eyebrow as she looked past the pool of drying liquid on the floor and to the shadows. "This place used to be a hotel; perhaps someone still lives here?" And was in the mood for something sweet?

"T-Tell me th-tha last time y-ya saw somethin’ l-like th-this fresh… C-Cause I unno about yaself th-there but I-I rarely see th-this unless it is over crystallized and is just about as good ta be edible as uh plank of wood." Trying to keep the snide tone from her lips as she did bend down slowly to just lightly touch the syrup watching the small strings of the substance hold against her fingers as she raised her limb up and away from it. "I-i am guessin’ ya wa-want ta go see i-if someone is here… Don’t cha?"


What business was she doing? Trying to figure out where the haran she was on the top of her list. She could check off meeting the locals off her list. “Business business.” But, now she had a few corpses on her hand, and still no clue where she was. Now she began rifling through their belongings, looking for anything of value. Just a bunch of blunt weapons and slug thrower. Armor made of poorly cured leather and…was that a tire? Ugh, absolutely primitive. No matter, she could adapt. “Too bad. Because that’s the story I’m going to use.”

Yup, sounds most like the both of them now. Rolling her shoulders back as she did walk away slowly toward the two bodies. Might as well see if there was anything half decent on them. Tipping her head to the side peering through a gap in her white locks. “N-Now… T-Think th-that one th-through… W-Who are th-they gonna listen t’around here… S-Someone who h-has been here al-all her life… O-Or th-tha person who sticks out worse th-then well… Uh lady wi-with white hair…. Think about it. Not har-hard.”

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"I don’t like relying on luck. Bad for business." Luck is for fools that have no plans for the future and those who have no skills of their own to rely on. Eve made sure the bandages were snug before turning her attention to the rest of her armor. A bit dinged up and the undersuit was slightly torn. "To be fair, he started it. I ended it."

Running her fingers through her own hair before she sighed. Yeah… She was dealing with someone that reminded her a bit to much of other people in her life. “Wh-What business?” Glaring over her own shoulder as she looked back at the fabulous display that was left now. “Uhhhh n-no… Y-Ya started it. D-Do-Don’t pull th-that on m-me wh-when I-I was right fu-fuckin’ here.”

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"…….W-Well if ya pull th-that shit where ya jus’ ask ta be killed…. Yeah… Y-Ya are then."

"I suppose so…" She gingerly finishes up wrapping gauze around her arm and grumbles. "Lucky shot."

"Lucky?" Snorting as she raised a hand behind her own head rubbing it slowly. Half seemed she was dealing with another child at times around some people. "Y-Ya jus’ don’t run u-up ta people here threatenin’ them… N-Normally end’s in uh gun shot wound or wo-worst… Y-Yes, ya go-got lucky."

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Alex nodded towards the dead man. “He’s not havin’ any fun for sure”, he pointed out coolly, as the woman approached the body; the thief raised an eyebrow, not really surprised by what he thought she was going to do-it seemed to the law of the land in the Wasteland, after all.

"So, shouldn’ we cut him down or somethin’?"he asked coolly.


A small laugh leaving her lips as she brought her hand down with a small pouch in her hands. Money… Always good. Wait… Did he say something? Turning her head slightly to peer over her shoulder. “W-Who said it wasn’t his own choice… S-Strange de-deaths always happen here… A-and some are… More… Accidental or…” Bobbing her head as if she kept talking trying to get her point across. 

"Cut him down?" Snorting as she backed away from the body. "W-What wish ta give him uh p-proper burial? M-Maybe cremation?" Sarcasm, always her favorite. 

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Sara by sheepprincex

Sara by sheepprincex

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Everything can be closer then you think. 

Wonderful art of Sara by prateh-kampuchea
Everything can be closer then you think. 

Wonderful art of Sara by prateh-kampuchea


We all post ask memes and prompts for our enjoyment, right? We do it to interact with people and to develop our characters. But you know what’s not cool? RE-BLOGGING TWENTY DIFFERENT ASK MEMES IN A MATTER OF A HALF-HOUR. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. IT CROWDS UP THE DASH. I have literally unfollowed people for doing that. Please, if you do this, stop.



Alex sighed at the strange woman’s  remark. “Yeah, I got it, sweetheart; bad of him to go hang himself an’ deprive someone of the pleasure of shootin’ him somewhere along the line, huh?”he asked coolly.

"Well… Now ya we-went and sucked all th-tha fun out of wh-what it is… Do-Don’t go makin’ it sound like that…." Rolling her eyes over her shoulder as she approached the body raising a hand to do the one thing she learned at a young age… Pick a body clean of anything useful on him first before she thought of doing anything else. 



"Should I worry for when she gets hungry next then?"Cerus asked, though there was no doubt in his tone that he was joking. The baby was quietly playing with a toy horse in the next room-a toy Cerus had brought back from Persia with him with Sara in mind.

"You get some rest and stop worrying; I’m fairly sure she’s not going to explode, as said already-though I was never worried about that", he continued amusedly, as Sara presumably made herself a bit more comfortable. Her next words made him smile  faintly, though he was slightly baffled as well. "And she does like me, aye; though she still likes to tug at people’s hair, I see". He’d felt that first hand already.


Tired eyes did lull over her shoulder toward the other as a smile stretched across her features, not fully sure if she needed to feel one way or another over that comment even though she was the one that had started it all. “Well b-be careful how much ya let her have… S-She will vomit if she over ea-eats. Muh father fo-found th-that one out th-tha hard way… S-So yes….” Snorting as she brought a hand up and through her hair to push it on top of her head and away from the sides of her face. 

"S-She has no reason t-ta not like ya… Frankly… Y-Ya were one of th-tha first people she actually met…" Turning her head to the side tiredly before she used her elbows to prop herself up to look at the other. "Maggie was not al-all that old th-tha day ya found us in th-that Motel wi-with me tryin’ ta get her ta sleep… A-An’ ya gonna tell me abou-about that pony? C-Cause ya out did her Daddy wi-with that one there for sure… H-He tried ta get her something with uh h-horse and well… T-Tha damn th-thing broke with h-him tryin’ ta even get it here…. A-And it was metal…."

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Fucking itchy. Skin crawling. Fingers moving to try to relieve the sensation. Blood under her fingernails. Build up from the scratching. Teeth gnashing together as she tried her best to pull her hand away but the fingers just now wanted to cover up the marks. Not wanting to see what she did. More scars to add to her flesh? More problems that she has to deal with and even explain to people? Shaking fingers wrapped around her thin arm before her back found the wall behind her. Trapped in the darkness keeping herself away from the rest of the world. It was the best way to be at these times right? Best time to be when she knew she was going to be nothing more then a burden on the rest of the world. 

Dropping the hand and she was able to see nothing on her arm. Frowning slowly and it deepening on her face as she slid down to the ground. Clicking her teeth before she brought a hand up to her mouth with a sigh. Keeping it away from the arm that she swore she could still feel the marks on… Feel the blood dribbling off of it… There was nothing there could have been to make that feel just like that right? Hell, was there something that could feel like blood? Warm liquid seeping from her arm… 

She couldn’t see that.

Taking her hand away from her arm and she did peer down to it. Nothing. The sounds of cries… The sounds of “Maggie?” Opening her mouth 

Sitting up quickly as her head spun around her. Fucking shit. There cries. Almost falling straight out of her bed before she made it back to her feet to pick up the child from her crib. “Momma i-is here.” Voice croaking out of her mouth with a cough as she felt the little warm tears hit her bare shoulders. Fallen asleep most likely when she was reading or just day dreaming. Hell she didn’t care. What was going on? Hopping up slightly to bring her child up on her hip before she used her free hand to take Magdelena’s hand away from her mouth. Both of the little hands covered is slobber and snot starting down her face. 

Maybe a bath would calm her down? 
Maybe all of the above? 

Cool air would be a good start. It was getting stuffy in her room and surely it had to bother more then just Sara. 

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"A-And yet I-I find muhself ju-judgin’ people still… Hmmmm… No-Normal for me…" Speaking to herself as she watched a few wandering eyes in the bar. She wasn’t here to drink and nor was she here because she wished to talk with others. It was a place where she knew she could sit and not feel alone because other people were always there. It was what she used to do in other places where she did live just to stop her from a few things… But… Being judged was something she hated but how easy it was to watch others doing it to her and for her to repay the favor straight back. They wished to make assumptions about her? Here she would do it to them. There was no point in this all if no one wished to know her shy of what they see as problems. 

Glaring at the table in front of her as her fingers played on top of her glass of iced water with a frown. Could hear them speak… Could hear their words. She had came up twice in the conversation and she was not all to amused. People always looked at couples and Sara was not one to be excluded from that. Just the two females at that table… The Dark hair made her think of a few things… One black and one brown… Bad when just small things could make her think of her past right? 

Clicking her teeth as she brought the water up to her lips allowing the glass to just be settled on her bottom lip for a few seconds before she tipped back the glass with a frown. Happy day right… Fucking happy day. Biting her bottom lip after her drink and leaning back in her seat arms crossed over her middle before she crossed her legs as well. Bars… EVen when she wasn’t drinking was far more enjoyable when there was someone here she actually liked to talk to. 

Lulling her head back and allowing her hair to spill over the back of the chair with a sigh. 

Could still feel alone no matter where she was. How fucking annoying. Could count the people around her and it just felt like they were watching instead of being people that were actually sitting there. 

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Random chibi is random but was a lovely gift from a commissionerArt is by lillian-darling

Random chibi is random but was a lovely gift from a commissioner
Art is by lillian-darling

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"Violette… Can’t we go back? Sai is going to be  wondering where I am before long…. Or did you go and get us lost again?"

SO A BORDERLANDS AU Sara and Violette as Sirens. Violette belongs to tatteredxwings and Sara is of course my own. Vi!mun and I have talked waaaaay to long about a borderlands AU. IwanttheAUsobad.Ihadtogetart. 
Art is byn lillian-darling

"Violette… Can’t we go back? Sai is going to be  wondering where I am before long…. Or did you go and get us lost again?"


Sara and Violette as Sirens. 

Violette belongs to tatteredxwings and Sara is of course my own. 

Vi!mun and I have talked waaaaay to long about a borderlands AU. IwanttheAUsobad.Ihadtogetart. 

Art is byn lillian-darling