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She was certainly looting the body and was finding some decent amount of the bottlecaps the people here seemed to favor as a currency, Alex thought, though he was still on high alert- and ruing the fact his info link was pretty much useless here. He’d grown far too used to it, he knew, but he hated being caught unawares.


He returned his attention to the woman at her words,arching an eyebrow before checking his reaction. Hey, everything else seemed to go here- he’d heard they actually had slaves, for crying out loud- so why not eating people? “I imagine he’d not make a very fresh…dish”, he remarked coolly. “An’ I’ve little to no idea what an NCR is, sorry; you might say I’m…sort of new to these parts”, he shrugged smoothly. “We jus’ treat the dead differently back home, that’s all”, he explained.

"It wouldn’ matter much, would it?" he asked thoughtfully to her next words. "Everyone’s someone’s father or brother or husband or whatever, I guess;findin’ an ID wouldn’t help much".

Stopping as she found her fingers touching a piece of paper. Slowly her hands did pull the paper from the pocket. Crumpled but she just about knew what it was before she got a half decent look at it either way and an uncomfortable breath left her lips. A photo. As rare as they were to run into in the Wastes people still had them if they had a working camera and knowledge of how to use it and… 

"F-Food is food…" Words just slurring out of her mouth as she stared back down at the photo. As horrible as the lighting was where she stood she could make out two figures… And two smiles. Man and woman and she felt her shoulders tense up. 

"Things a-are different wh-when ya have someone th-that relies on ya… W-When ya are one of th-those people… I-I wouldn’t wa-want muh husband or li-little girl gettin’ news th-that I-I wasn’t co-comin’ home i-if someone found m-me…" Holding out the photo to the other with a shaking hand before she took her other hand to her side toward her pocket knife. "H-He mattered t-ta someone… M’cuttin’ him do-down… H-Help i-if ya want there."

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"Ah." was all that came from him when she finished. He wanted her to feel like he understood, like he could fix it.But he was the polar opposite of that right now.There was something wrong with her head, what did that mean? She looked normal other than the head of silver hair on her head.

"What do you mean…what do you mean she grounds you to Earth, that she keeps you sane? I am not familiar with this."

He paused for a moment, unsure of what should come out his mouth next.

"…is there something I can do to help it?"

Feeling her face flush out of a slight hint of frustration before she felt those little hands in her hair again. Playing with the ends of the locks babbling to herself or maybe her mother. Sara wasn’t paying attention to the sounds around her for a few seconds. It seemed so simple to her. Seemed so right to say and she knew what it meant… 

"She keeps m-me sane… Whole almost…." Shit that was pretty much what she just said before. "I-I haven’t been ab-able ta th-think right… Like h-how others can… M-Muh mind i-is different… W-W-Way different… A-And sometimes peo-people don’t th-think I-I am me… T-That I-I am different… Magdelena… L-Let’s me focus th-tha best I-I can… And.. Iunno."


Molly looked down, her hands busied with themselves now, thoughtful as her lips quirked in a particular thought, she was all alone out here. Her mother was.. dead, certainly. The only thing she knew of her brother, was his name. “I haven’t got anyone.. It’s a bit tough to make friends when you’ve got scales and such.. height.” She cracked a little smile. “I understood the meaning, don’t ya worry.” Molly shook her head as she agreed, she’d heard of that sort of thing, as strange as it was.

"I really meant it as.. well, a safe place. As safe as the world can be in any case." The splice raised a hand, pushing a few blue strands out of her eyes. Molly thought on what she said, about the other female; she didn’t have much experience in way of those sorts of things, but she knew when something was too much, she was no idiot. "Ah so she’s.. I will avoid her." Molly’s tail flicks a little as she looks over the area around her, slowly becoming more comfortable in the strange place, the sense that they were all a bit odd, though not quite as visually as she.

"People think i’m walking up to them to try and eat them, kill them, the works, I mean, they have every right to be.. cautious." She shrugs, "But when I say ‘i’m not here to eat you’ I still get shot at." She grins, her teeth sharp as she displays them, "Must be my devilishly good looks."

 Haven’t got anyone? Looking over her shoulder slowly as she found her white brows knitting together slowly. “I-i find that highly unlikely… E-Everyone has someone… E-Even though th-they might not kn-know it… People do care… J-Jus’ in strange ways.” Turning her head back down toward the mugs. Slowly tending to the tea a tad more. It wasn’t often she made it herself she was far to used to it being made and brought to her but didn’t mean she couldn’t make something nice for her and the house guest. Surely no one would mind either way if they drank it as well. 

"I-i think if y-ya don’t have anyone now… I-i am sure ya will h-have uh few later… Y-Ya aren’t… Bad… W-Well at least t-ta me… B-But who kn-knows h-how much th-that is worth. I-i am not some people’s favorite either… C-Cause I-I ain’t exactly normal… B-But I-I learned ta stop caring as of late… P-People who care wi-will stay an-and stay n-no matter wh-what happens… J-Jus’ sometimes ya find it ou-out far to late… A-And it do-does hurt but…" Shrugging slightly as she did remove the makeshift tea bag from one mug to see how strong the tea had become from a simple look at the tea to check color. Frowning lightly as she did let the bag slip from her fingers back into the mug as she looked back toward the other. "I-I don’t ev-even think she is h-here because sh-she is like th-tha rest of us… I-I think no o-other place would take her… W-We aren’t uh place ta tu-turn people a-away who need… N-Need anyone really… W-We are all uh little strange here." Some more then others but… Who’s keeping track? 

"W-Well I-I can’t say much… I-I am n-not th-that best ta be ab-able ta see th-through wh-what is real an-and wh-what isn’t… B-But seems ya go-got ta find th-those wh-who are uh bit odd themselves… B-Best people that… That understand."

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✢✯✫✬ (Sorry if these have been answered before.)

I royally hate this meme now because on my screen all the symbols look waaay to alike. So I have no clue if I did the right ones or not but I answered things nonetheless. OH WELL.

  • ✣ :Physical disability/disadvantage

Her physical and mental health, it’s always been that simple. 

  • ✬ :Something minor they enjoy

Sai enjoys the simple times he can have with others be it something like just eating together not even saying anything or them just giving him a hug for no good reason, just cause.

  • ✫ :Pet peeve


  • ✯ :Way they could see themselves dying

Sai at times thinks it will be something idiotic like just being at the wrong place at the wrong time and leaving the world without getting to even half decently saying goodbye.

"I-I hate th-that I-I can remember th-that damn lie…"

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  • ✧ :Mental or emotional strength

The one thing I did do when I made Sara is I wanted her to be able to keep going, but for it to be more emotional then anything, that she had to keep going to get through what she was feeling at the  moment be it sadness or anger. It’s just the way she works, even if the way she works through it is hiding away till she can feel better. 

  • ✪ :Critique they have about others

Truthfully i am a tad confused on what this really means, but I think I have a bit of an idea. 

Sara while she is pretty fast to put herself down and while Sai is as well even though they both do know a lot better then to do so, will create ideas over others just most of the time it is not about how they interact with others unless the other person they are talking to/with/whatever is someone that they care dearly for. 

There is the exception where Sara does not realize she is critiquing others till she spurts out a bunch of thoughts in a fit of emotions however. 

  • ✯ :Way they could see themselves dying ((Is this the right Star thingy WHY DO THESE ALL LOOK SO SIMILAR ON MY SCREEN?))

If you know anything of Sara’s past you should be able to think of a few ways on your own with just that information, but at the moment Sara either thinks about something from her past coming up or her health taking her. 

Sai thinks that a simple slip up of any form be it by their hands or a trusted friends is what is going to end their lives. 

  • ✰ :Weird thing they want to try or have tried

At the moment it is a treat that Cerus is in the process of giving her in an RP, Sugared Dates. 

Something the mun is actually going to try hopefully soon because she hasn’t as well. 

✬ :Something minor they enjoy


While Sara is one to most always say she is not pretty or that she doesnt feel pretty, she does enjoy the feeling that comes with having makeup on. Makes her feel like the lady she thought she never was.

⋆ Detailed Headcanon Prompter! ⋆

⋆ : Minor personality flaw or quirk
✢ : Physical advantage
✣ : Physical disability/disadvantage
✦ : Fatal flaw
✧ : Mental or emotional strength
❋ : Belief they have
✩ : Belief they've questioned/struggled with
✪ : Critique they have about others
✫ : Pet peeve
✬ : Something minor they enjoy
✭ : An obscure interest
✮ : A moral standard
✯ : Way they could see themselves dying
✰ : Weird thing they want to try or have tried
★ : A socially unacceptable thought they've had
✱ : Someone or something who or that has played a part in a fantasy or daydream
✲ : Something or someone they down right hate


Of course, this backwater world probably has no way of knowing what Mando’a is. Just perfect, because that meant she truly was alone out here until either help arrived or she managed to help herself out of this predicament. “It’s Mando’a. My people’s language. No doubt you’ve never heard of it.” She tilted her head up to the sky and peered at the sun. Her HUD’s clock was on the fritz due to the lack of data, but she had impeccable knoledge of basic survival skills. It had to be about noon, judging by how high the sun was. “I’ve already learned that, seeing as how I was forced to act in self-defense. And I don’t need your charity. I’m actually concerned I’d be picking you up off the ground.” The woman looked rather worse for the wear, reflecting the dismal surroundings. And then came that laughter, causing Eve’s brows to knit in annoyance. She blocked out the noise for a moment by shutting off her speakers, and calmed herself down as she waited for the laughing to stop. No need to kill her most-likely only chance at making headway on this world. “I’m from Mandalore. Manda’yaim. Outer Rim Territories.” A brief pause, then, “Where…this isn’t Tatooine is it?”

Her people’s language. Rolling her eyes with a snort as she peered at the other. “W-Well I-I already kn-know ya ai-ain’t from about here either way… D-Don’t all to matter about y-ya language. J-Jus’ don’t speak it a-around me wh-when I-I can’t understand ya.” Felt far to much Violette speaking French before Sara could catch on to some of the simple words of the language itself. “Don’t wo-worry about me… Y-ya’d b-be surprised h-how far I-I can keep goi-goin’ before I-I need ta take u-uh break.” Well she knew she was half lying about that but she wasn’t one to really announce that she needed to stop because she couldn’t keep up unless it was with someone that she trusted. “No… It i-isn’t…. I-I think I-i have said this before.”


For a woman as intimidating as Cecilia, this particular skill comes naturally: listening intently to every word being said while simultaneously silently passing judgement by looking a person up and down. Others may appear distracted, but it’s clear the blonde has a million thoughts racing in her head all at once, each trying to climb out of her mouth, each trying to fight for the right to be spoken by the wasteland’s medical messiah. 


"You’re from the East and your hair is white?" she repeated the obvious facts, looking very much displeased. "Have you always had that stammer? Or is that a fairly new development?" For a rude woman, she certainly has a sudden interest. "You should take extra caution when traveling that far. This is a different environment. Your body won’t have adapted to cope with the various strains of diseases you might come across here. Others must have come with you. Is everyone feeling well?" 

White brows knitting together as she her light brown eyes scanned over the other slowly. Reading people was far to hard, it was only a skill a part of her seemed to have and she wasn’t the right side of the coin at the moment. Taking a shaky hand up into her hair as she did nod slowly to the other’s words. Felt almost like… Like the first time she ever stepped into the Fort. Doctors asking her so many questions and the woman had not a clue on how to answer a single one of them besides just a simple nod of the head. 

"It’s go-gotten wo-worse with a-age…" Age and a few other things that she was hopefully still on the correct path to fixing with help from a few others but… Why was she speaking and answering questions like this? People normally stumbled right over the matter if they saw something different or wrong or assumed that her hair was dyed or that she was a junkie. The feeling that swam around her mind when someone could actually point something out… Was uncomfortable. "Al-Always had uh sl-slight one… I-I don’t really notice it till… Till someone po-points it out." Felt like a small child just attempting to answer questions. "T-This is not muh fi-first time here… A-At all… I-I came wi-with muh husband an-an-and daughter… W-We are all fine." Define fine. “Y-Ya uh doctor?” Voice raising in a slight pitch as she did cross her arms over her chest slowly almost protectively. Flung back into the memories of the Fort… Maybe the old Talon Medics… 

Not a good feeling is it?

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Fingers running over the blue ribbon slowly feeling the smoothness under her dry fingers. Slowly she ran her tongue over her chapped lips with a sigh. Why did things… Items… Have to bring up old memories? Could almost hear that old laugh that she loved so much. The laugh that caused her to run from her room straight to her Hope… Hope’s arms wrapping around her and her laugh. 

It used to warm her straight to her heart. Forget that she did not feel well Forgetting the problems of her health and the start of her life that had already began to show problems. 

That hug was always what mattered at the time. 

And the damn ribbon Hope had in her hair that night… 

That damn color. 

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"I’ll remember that", Cerus sighed to her words, pondering if he hadn’t fed the baby too much already for a moment; he really had no idea how much they were supposed to eat…and he wasn’t about to ask Sara either. To do so would probably make her get up in a fuss to check on her daughter and there was no need; the baby was just fine."Sounds rather messy, admittedly", he smiled bemusedly. Yes, he was not letting what she had implied happen to him, no way.

"Well, I like her too, though she is rather strong for her age", he smiled back to Sara’s next words, pointedly tugging at a strand of his hair before pushing it back with a grin. "She’s obviously going to grow up a beauty, too, much like her mom", he inclined his head playfully towards the still lying down woman.He glanced back to the child, who was quite absorbed with her new toy at her question. "I was…travelling; a long way from here", he explained vaguely. "I came upon this and I thought she might like it; it’s a single piece of wood, very well polished and with no small bits she can hurt herself with", he explained smoothly. "I brought something for you, as well", he motioned to the small neat pack he had left by her so as not to wake her up. Sugared dates; he’d have a hard time explaining those, he was sure, but it was probably worth it.


Bobbing her shoulders with a small laugh at the other as she did shut her eyes slowly before bringing her hands up to cover her eyes then rubbing down her face. Warm and tired. Worst combo that could ever happen and she peered through her hand to the other as he said he would remember it. “I-I think y-ya kn-know wh-what would happen if ya di-didn’t… A-And I-I ain’t referrin’ t-ta muh da-daughter be-bein’ ill on ya… I-I will be f-far worse.” Letting her tone drop as she closed the gap in her fingers to cover her eyes back up again. 

Then a snort left her nose after a long exhale. “S-She di-didn’t g-get th-that strength fro-from me… F-Far as I-i know I-I was uh sickly ch-child…” Then it was the words that the other said. She had heard them many times from others and yet it still didn’t click in her head. “S-She… She t-takes after her Daddy… N-Not me… S-She’s… She has muh h-hair color… A-About it…” Muttering slowly to herself as that headache once again started in the base of her skull. The fear that more and more of what Sara is can be inherited. Illnesses… 

She would never forgive herself.

"Y-Ya go on foot? Travelin’?" Well that was a stupid question. "J-Jus’ far distances… H-Has ta be hard on uh p-person right? J-Jus’ I-i might n-need ya ta show m-me how ta mak-make stuff like th-that…. I-It… It is interestin’."
And most likely time consuming.

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Lir nodded with a shrug. “Yeah…good point there”, she had to admit. Fresh syrup in a seemingly abandoned building was definitely peculiar, and that was putting it mildly. She watched both Sara and the darkness around them as the latter stooped to examine the syrup; yes, definitely fresh, judging by the way it stuck to her fingers, Lir thought, though her interface wasn’t picking anything up nearby.

She nodded to the other woman’s words with a smirk of her own. “Well, aren’t you at all curious as to who might be making syrup in an abandoned building?”she asked airily. She certainly was.

"Ve’Tried t-ta bake wi-with tha st-stuff hard… I-It’s no good… Fresh i-is either handmade o-or people luck out wi-with cans b-bein’ sealed…" Well, as far as she knew. Could remember the times her mother would rattle off information when Sara asked purely because Sara asked. Taking the fingers that now had the sticky substance up to her nose to sniff. It surely did hold that sickly sweet smell. "N-Nonethaless i-it’s still great stuff…" More or less talking to herself before she flipped her head up toward the other. "Y-Ya are t-talkin’ t-ta th-that inner cook in m-me there Lir… W-What do ya think?" Standing up slowly wiping her hand down on her pants before picking up her bag. "M-Maybe we will luck o-out an’it’s ju-just another Canadian." Sticking her tongue out before she headed toward a door farther into the building. 

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"I can adapt." Even if that meant having to discard the safety and superiority of her armor and stick with something inferior. Ugh, hopefully it wasn’t so revealing like these two. "Di’kut…” came the irritated mutter as she kicked the corpse again, “Well, I’m learning as I go, and I feel like my level of intelligence is better than most irregardless. I mean, these two are prime examples. Charge at someone wearing full armor and disregarding commands to ‘halt’? The odds are in my favor.” Ah, what did she find? The Mando held up the pistol for the other to see and shrugged. “Slugthrower. Primitive, but it’ll gain some use out of me. Unless I find charge packs, that is.” A mental note was made to find something close to charge packs. Perhaps there was a way to siphon them for her own use. Maybe.

Adapt. Right. She forgot that people could apparently just form to any damn place they pleased. Fucking hell, Sara knew that was harder then anyone could make it sound. Rolling her eyes to the side with a small sigh. “And are y-ya gonna speak up about that language yet? I-I know nothin’ of it nor do-does it sound like som-somethin’ I-I have ever studied.” Crossing her arms over her chest with a small frown lacing straight over her dry lips again. “A-As we all learned… B-But ya will quickly learn th-that about here… T-That attitude is fast t-ta get ya shot… A-And y-ya ain’t muh child so-so I-I ain’t fixing ya fuckin’ cuts and spills.” Venom lacing her lips as she dug through her pockets quickly before she found what she was looking for, the homemade lip balm, bringing it up to her lips after removing the cap she did look toward the other before she entirely choked on an inhale of air causing her chest to spasm in a burst of laughter. “R-Really… W-Where are th-tha hell are y-ya from? Seriously… D-Do I-i need ta make ya uh little book of wh-what things are called?”