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 He heard the change in pitch, though he merely sighed at it, as Sara turned her hair aside for the baby to play with. “Well, not really”, he admitted, “but there’s nothing to be done about it. And she was in her…play area, I suppose?”he shrugged, hoping he’d identified the space right, at least. “Perhaps she hit her head with a toy or something like that?”Maybe she had been fussing precisely because she’d hit her head, he thought reasonably.

"Then what go-good is it to try to defend yaself?" Snapping at the other as her hand did return to try to look at her daughter’s forehead before she did get a while out of the girl. Frowning as she glared at the other. "Ya su-suppose? W-Why is there uh question mark at th-tha end of that statement?" Frowning at another whine from the child at her mother’s touch. "Mommy will get y-ya somethin’ fo-for that…" Whining herself as she turned to get a cool cloth. 

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"That’s the thing, I’ve no idea", Cerus shrugged back, looking puzzled and just a little bit worried. Perhaps that bruise was more serious than he’d thought, he pondered. "She was merely fussing when I came in…I thought I’d bring her over to you", he explained calmly.

"An’ ya jus’ expect me ta be ha-happy wi-with what ya sayin’?" Voice raising in a pitch as she did move her hair over her shoulder giving her daughter something to keep herself occupied with before she used on hand of her own that wasn’t holding her daughter to lightly touch the bruising on Magdelena’s forhead and her daughter shirked back at the light touch. "An’Where was she fussin’? Ca-Cause if she wasn’t n her crib or play area… Where the hell was she?”

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"Perhaps she bumped her head somewhere?I’m sure babies do that sort of thing?"Cerus offered,relinquishing the baby to Sara at once, though he sounded unconvincing even to himself. He really had no idea what babies might or might not do.

"So would ya li-like ta tell me how muh daughter… W-Who doesn’t even know ho-how ta walk yet… Banged her head inta somethin’?" Using her hand to rub down the back of her daughter’s head before she glared at the other. "An’ wh-who let ya watch her? I-i know it wasn’t me…"

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People act ever so slightly differently depending on who they are around.
 Send me a ◭ and I'll tell you something my character does or
would likely do around yours that is unique or specialized to their interactions.

“I-I wanted sugar… Lots of it… Homemade candies… A-And lots of cakes… I-I never liked th-that before I-I got pregnant… T-Then I-I really loved natural sweets… Th-Things like fruits… T-That was wh-what I-I would always rather have an-and now… W-Well th-that bag I-I carry about on muh side wh-when I-I am always out and about… Always got uh box of gum drops or homemade taffy if muh batch turned out… Or if I-I stole wh-what muh mother made… I-If ya see her… D-Don’t tell her that.”


Cerus truthfully gets what many have had to work for out of Sara. She feels safe to talk around him and while she might not want to give away her secrets yet she does feel extremely safe to just talk and talk around Cerus.


"It’s a very tiny bruise", Cerus shrugged, a bit guiltily, to be sure, rubbing Maggie’s forehead lightly. "It was there when I got here, but I didn’t want to worry you?"

"It’s. Uh. Bruise." Yanking her daughter from the other’s arms before she pressed her lips to the top of her daughter’s head. "N-No… No it wasn’t… I-I know what muh da-daughter looks like. S-She didn’t have th-that bruise th-there when I picked her u-up after her nap."

People act ever so slightly differently depending on who they are around.
 Send me a ◭ and I'll tell you something my character does or
would likely do around yours that is unique or specialized to their interactions.

"I-I said I-I ain’t adorable…" 

With Lir the one thing happened that tbh I didn’t get to write with anyone else. Sai liked Lir straight away because of how she treated him. He didn’t feel like he had to remove Sara away from the situation they were in, it felt normal for them. 

Sai didn’t like Mark straight away and most of Sara’s friend be them current or former, Sai found some reason not to like them straight off the bat. Lir is a first.

People act ever so slightly differently depending on who they are around. Send me a ◭ and I’ll tell you something my character does or would likely do around yours that is unique or specialized to their interactions.

Trying to be okay was a bigger problem then anything. Forcing themselves to try to get through something that any other time they would just give up on… It would just be something that they would actually admit they were not happy with but… Sitting at that table with other Family members around them as they brought up a few problems they did have with surrounding areas and newer Family members were always so fucking jumpy. He was not happy that he had to sit here but he was not listening to a damned thing… There was no point in it. He would not remember it in a few hours if he was asked over it all because in the end their health was that shit that they couldn’t always go out with the other’s when they needed a bit of aid. 

Sai would get more in the way then anything when people needed space. He was just… A waste of space. That is what it was… He finally understood Sara’s feelings though over that. How useless she felt when she had not a thing to do to help anyone else. Sighing as he slouched in his seat before a hand did pat the arm that was resting on the arm of the chair. Leaning forward an inch of two he was able to see the hand belonged to Karl… Of all people Karl. The man that when they were growing up was such a mean man that liked to just… Well he was grumpy. That was the best way to explain him.

Just a reminder to most likely stay awake. He would get to hear people bitch about this later. All the man got was Sai leaning back more in the chair and crossing his legs one over the other to just make himself comfortable. He just wanted to go back to his room where he could lay for a bit or sew… Hell read. He could go for some reading right about now and a mug of tea. It would be relaxing and most likely be something that would send him straight to sleep instead of dealing with this. 

Sighing as he just broke down and got out of the chair. Crossing his arms over his chest not asking if he can go away or not but just heading up to his room anyway. It was pointless to stay down here as if he meant something to a little meeting… It was all people who were strong enough to do something besides cook. That was all he was good for as of late and all he was most likely going to be known for with Sara. 

Heading up the steps as he did hear his… His name. Turning his head for a few seconds as he did keep moving but the second he got to the top of the steps he did just head down the hall. They wanted him? 

They could come to him. 


Maggie was doing her best to turn around to look at her mother, when Sara reached out to touch the baby’s back. Cerus crouched across from her, thankful for his balance that allowed him to keep close to Sara despite the fidgeting child in his arms.

He shook his head at the apology pouring out of the woman unexpectedly, smiling at her gently, though she probably couldn’t see him with her hair in the way. “Sara…there’s no need to be sorry, nothing to be sorry for”, he said softly, almost as if he was talking to her baby instead of her. “I spoke carelessly; I should have been more mindful”, he sighed. “If I hadn’t come to visit at all, you’d be fine”, he continued dismally. 

 Fingers curling against her daughter’s back almost trying to force herself to not want to take her from the other’s arms and just sit on the ground where she was crouched now. Instead however her hands made their way into her hair. Breathe… Need to breathe. Do you feel alone? Even with someone there?"Stop… Stop it…" Words coming breathlessly out of her mouth. Talking to herself… Talking to herself of all things. 

"N-N-No…." Nothing to be sorry for? Looking up through her hair just barely seeing the other before. "Says wh-who?" Like a child… Always like a child. Jaw quivering as she shook her head. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t know… It wasn’t her fault her head doesn’t work with her when it is supposed to. “Not… N-Not ya fa-fault… For th-this at all…” Trying to get words out of her mouth as her head began to pound. One eye shutting at the pain as her head did move back slowly as if she was shirking away from something she didn’t like. 

Crying at the pain?
Crying at it all?
Crying at me?

Using her palms to wipe at the sides of her face trying to move the tears away then looking at the other. “Help m-m-me… Up… Please?” 

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“No one is nice all the time”, Cerus agreed with a shrug. “And that’s a good thing, I’ve found, else others begin to think they can predict you, manipulate you, take advantage of the person they think they are.  An old teacher I had always told me to temper kindness with steel; keep people guessing, as it were. Because not everyone seeks to repay good with good, Sara; to think so is to open yourself to a whole lot of unexpected heartache”.

He smiled to her next words. Yes, she was lucky, indeed, he thought, not for  the first time; it sounded as if she’d found her place, so to speak, her home, in all the senses that mattered. “Well, I did already say; normal is what each of us make of it. Everyone have their own; all our views are tainted by our own experiences”, he shrugged, before raising an eyebrow at her words. “Your family lived underground? One of those vaults?” he asked.

He listened carefully, though he was sure he was frowning more than a little, at her next words. “I suppose you did what you had to; doesn’t sound like you had much other choice or much in the way of other ideas or knowledge”, he shrugged finally. “But an army, if it wants to be called that and not a rabble of people terrorizing one another needs mutual respect among its men and women both-I’ve met women who were more than formidable, powerful fighters in their own right back home, but here as well, perhaps even more so”, he paused. “Terror has no place; if you’re terrified of someone so profoundly, what are the odds of going to their rescue if they’re in danger when you know you can just let them die and you’ll be free?”It made perfect sense to him; he’d trained an army, after all, he had trained with them, as well.

He grinned at her agreeing with him. “It doesn’t hurt to do that; I’ve always found it…liberating, though never without consequences”, he chuckled. “People will get upset if you say what you think, but better them than you, don’t you think?” he winked at her.

“It’s better…I think, at least, to be able to walk, even if your nerves, as you put it, aren’t really working, than to be an amputee. That’s a whole other kind of pain, Sara, and you wouldn’t be able to tend to Maggie, to yourself, the way you do now”, he shrugged, deep in thought, before returning to a topic  she’d mentioned before. “Is there no way you can find her?” he ventured simply. No point asking much more on what sounded like one of many sore subjects.

“Can’t blame people their ignorance”, he sighed at her next words. “Or their concern over the Legion, I expect”, he continued thoughtfully. “Latin, however, is just a language, like any other; and an ancient and valuable one at that”.

No one is nice all the time. Well that half made her want to laugh at it all… There were people who could put the air on of being nice all the time. It was actually half funny over it all. The fact that they could trick people into liking them just because they seemed that way. “I-i think all I-i ever get is heartache… So it isn’t surprising.”  Trying not to let her features drop as she did sigh. There wasn’t really much of a point for her to be… Depressed. Right?

Shaking her head with a smile on her face. Seemed every time she said underground people thought of Vaults. “Nah… Y-Ya ain’t th-tha first ta ask though… Metro station… I-I think i-if I-i was born in uh Vault… I-I would at least know more ab-about muh own health… C-Cause I-i Think they would ha-have more medical th-things right or more knowledge over illnesses from self experiences?” Shrugging to herself lightly. She knew very little about Vaults but it wasn’t really something that bothered her. It was a life that she was never going to get and to be honest after hearing about some of it from the elder people she did hear from that lived in them… She was glad to not have to. “Fo-For trains… Th-They used ta have like big places for eatin’ down in them… A-And we were able ta convert rooms inta bed rooms… We got like th-tha strangest bathrooms though… Th-There is tha doors for female and male like most places… B-But there is so many skins and-and everythin’… T-Then th-tha showers as well… B-But I-I can’t complain… I-I really can’t. I-It was what I-i am used ta.”

"Y-Ya have seen tha legion… About here… Armies can be uh bunch of men in skirts… So-So ya really can’t fight about it…" She knew how wrong things could be around here and how some people thought they were a force to be reckoned with if they had only a few people standing behind them. "Respect only came from peers… I-i respected… Th-Tha woman I-I loved before she died… A-And th-tha man who claimed ta be muh br-brother th-tha second day I-I joined up… B-Because I-I was gettin’ harassed… A-And he was ha-havin’ none of that…" Kane was to much of a goof most of the time anyway. "He ca-cared for me… W-When I-I frankly gave up… M-Made sure I-i got sleep instead of stayin’ up feelin’ sorry for muhself… E-Even if he did need ta give me uh sleep aid ta help… I-i couldn’t help but respect someone like that… I-I still speak ta him now… A-And I-i still respect him…. Jus… There…. Those that did not have respect for each other… Th-They would die… No one wou-would save them… Simple… Well it was at th-tha time."

Snorting to the side before she did smile looking back down at her feet as they moved. “I-I am still uh blob of problems either way… Jus’ if I speak muh mind I-I am one with apparently uh snarky mouth.” Smiling as she tilted her head to the side with a small laugh. Seemed as soon as someone did stand up for themselves… They were either an asshole or just a bitch.

"I am pretty much one… I-I th-think if ya stabbed me in th-tha foot… I-I would realize it till I-i got wooze fr-from blood loss or i-if someone told me… I-i have been t-talkin’ ta Mark… About uh friend of his wh-who does work with… Like brain implants almost… T-Ta see if they can help me or not… C-Cause I-I am half th-thinkin’ about getting a fake leg th-that I-i know will work all day… Instead of muh leg always bein’ sore… A-And not wantin’ ta work with me on muh low days… Jus’ wanna stay in bed on th-those days instead of frown at ev-everyone in pain from walkin’… Even if I-I am sure everyone would find it amusing."

"Muh mother? Cerus… Muh bi-birth mother died… Protectin’ me from muh father… Left her an-and me ta die… Th-that is where muh family now… Found me… Muh mom got enough words out of her mouth for th-them ta get an idea of who I-I am and muh name an-and of what happened ta her… I-I met muh father after… A-And my eldest sister… Jus’… I-I wish I-i Could have met her."

"And Latin… Here… Is jus’ not uh language… No matter how ya look at it…Speak it an-and… Yeah…"

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Of course she’d be sensitive to that sort of thing, he thought. Any parent probably was, anyone with a family they stood to lose if things went wrong. “I expect you would be; anyone would”, he shrugged thoughtfully. “It does not matter to your family whether you made a mistake or not; as far as I know, family ties go far beyond that”, he smiled faintly. He didn’t have extensive experience there himself; his last mistake had pretty much cost him his father in a very final, very unfixable way. It was nothing Sara needed to hear, he decided.

“What happened? That night? To make you so on edge?” Cerus asked before he could stop himself; questions sometimes came naturally, far too much so.”Sorry…I should know better than to bring you up memories that you’d rather keep out of your mind”, he sighed quickly, before changing the subject in a hurry at her next words. “It’s actually when you’re not really paying attention, like a friendly sparring match, that people tend to get hurt”, he rolled his eyes with a partly bemused sigh as he realized he had just pretty much quoted his fencing instructor from when he’d been a boy. “Easy to blank out, as you say, when you’re at your ease and confident your life is in no danger. What…do you mean though, by saying you thought you ‘ were tidy’?” he asked, realizing he didn’t know this particular turn of phrase.

He took a spoonful of soup almost tentatively; Sara’s cooking aside, the Wasteland’s edible products had not impressed him yet…though he might be revising that, he mused a moment later at the rich taste of the broth. “Children are master manipulators”, he teased her lightly. “Maggie might well and easily do that growing up, indeed”. He paused, setting the spoon back down. The warm soup was welcome, after the cold of the flooded basement. Even though he didn’t feel the cold too much, it still chilled him.“Giving advice is easy sometimes; it’s following them yourself that’s the tricky part”, he shrugged bemusedly.

He scoffed at her explanation on what exactly a bib was. “Right, I’ll definitely pass on that then; and I can hold my spoon on my own just fine, thank you”, he continued smoothly. “I think I’ll know now to bring you sweets when I happen to visit”, he half-teased her a moment later. “You describe them rather poetically, so it’s the least I can do”.

Anyone would… Well that was something she could be willing to fight with him about but she was comfortable for the time being where the conversation was right now. “Jus’… Wouldn’t it be uh bit worse… W-With th-tha thought… Of ya own flesh… A-An’ blood… Related or not… Jus’… Gone….” Not even making it fully sound as if it was a question but more of a statement. There was already that fear from time to time of her own daughter running off when she gets older. The girl doesn’t exactly have two parents that are known for staying in one place when they should be for more then a few years. Suppose the longest time they both settled down to not move… For the both of them with just as of late or maybe the past few years. “Jus’ if Magdelena runs off… She wi-will not ha-hav-have uh happy mother.” 

"Th-Tha night I-I found th-that girl… Or?" Looking up over her glass with a small frown questionably. There was really no reason that  she should need to talk about it right? Groaning as she brought a hand up to the back of her head to rub down it with her hand as the other still held her half glass of milk now. "Memories… I-I guess… I-I have been in th-tha shoes of many fo-for some things…" Closing her eyes with the frown deepening on her face as she leaned back slowly in her seat allowing her back to rest against the back of the chair as she sighed. "Or I-I was reminded of someon-someone… I-If th-that is wh-what ya meant then…" If it wasn’t guess she ended up just blathering on about something random now. Way to go Sara. 

"I-I don’t think I-i was gettin’ uh choice in th-tha payin’ attention part… I-I hadn’t seen Violette for years th-then before we sparred th-that day… F-For years I-I wanted nothin’ more th-then muh sister… A-And seein’ her like we were kids again… Sparrin’ in uh lesson… Th-That is wh-what I-I thought I-I was seein’ an-and… She went to lunge… A-And I-I jus’ fell. I-I really don’t think I-I realized wh-what happened till I-i was bein’ treated fo-for th-tha wound." Speaking slowly before she realized she was actually bobbing her head slowly as she spoke. Trying to recall the nights that passed of Sara just watching the door hoping her sister would come into her room… But Violette ran. So upset with herself  of what she did to her sister even when Sara didn’t blame her in the slightest. "Tidy… C-Cause we ne-never hurt each o-other ti-till then… Muh blood th-that day… A-And her tears… Prefer if th-that didn’t happen again… Ya know? Wh-What did ya think I-I meant?"

Bringing her glass back to her lips tipping her head back slowly allowing her to sip as she did catch a glance of the other trying the food. “Like I-I said… Farm n-near by… M-Makes great cookin’.” Taking the fact that there was no gross remark after…. He liked it then. Good. She hadn’t gotten a bad remark yet on the cooking she was proud of. “Well if sh-she watches me do th-tha same ta her father wh-when I-I know h-he want’s ta say no… She very well might… Jus’… I-I am sure when she is young… I-It won’t be uh problem…” If she survived to see her daughter when she is older then it might get to be a big problem. “W-Well don’t sound so good wh-when ya give it then… I-I would think ya take ya o-own then…” Snorting as she rolled her shoulders back with a small laugh. 

"Well if ya spill th-then ya know Imma laugh… S-So don’t an-and ya can prepare yaself t-ta not have some awkward laughin’." Raising a brow at the other making a comment about bringing her sweets then realizing his reasons. "Food at times… Is somethin’ th-that most anyone can rely on…. It is more comfortin’ at times ta have uh warm cake…. Instead of uh person wh-who doesn’t fully understand ya tryin’ ta help… At least after one of th-them ya at least got uh full belly an-and want to nap or rest instead of just strangle someone…"

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Red handed
  • Red Handed:What’s one of your guilty pleasures?

"Herbal tea… With cake. Lots and lots of cake and candies.”

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  • Squirm:What’s a topic that always makes you feel awkward when it gets brought up?

"……Muh hair… T-There is two kinds of awkward though… Flustered fro-from good words awkward… A-And can ya jus’ shut up about it awkward… Soooo…."

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  • Wings:What’s a fantasy or wish of yours?

"Ta look in th-tha mirror… Jus’ once… A-An’ be happy wi-with what I-I see…"

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Boo!: What startles you?
Oops!: What's something embarrassing you've done in public?
Gone: Ever thought of running away? If you did, where would you go?
Lie to Me: What's a time you've lied?
Broken: What's been your lowest point?
Wings: What's a fantasy or wish of yours?
Kick the Bucket: Name two things on your "bucket list."
Talent: Do you have any strange talents or skills you've learned but never really had a use for?
Sing It!: What's a song or song genre that you like but don't often tell people you do?
Red Handed: What's one of your guilty pleasures?
Psych!: How gullible are you? Have you ever been pranked or playfully fooled?
Scared?: What's an irrational fear or phobia of yours?
Scarred: What's a part of or about you that you're insecure about?
Squirm: What's a topic that always makes you feel awkward when it gets brought up?
Mirror Mirror: How have other people admitted to seeing you? What impression do others say that they have about you or when they first met you?
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