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Sara and Ava, little talon babs by sheples

Sara and Ava, little talon babs by sheples


"R-Really that easy t-ta tell when someone is lying….."

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Glaring across the room. Had to make that she was known here with the people who were awake right now. New members were always annoying… Ones at times would admit that they only just heard about this place… That they had no real problem with their life or…. Their diet. 

A family in the end never leaves anyone behind though… 

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Artist: Erutan
Album: Covers
Song: Come Little Children
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Weep not poor children, for life is this way

Murdering beauty and passions

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Sara by kairinn-sama

Sara by kairinn-sama

A laugh escaped her sore nostrils. The weather affecting her body in ways she hated but it was a different sensation for the ill woman. A sweater on her frame under the large blue shirt that she always took from her husband. Fit her perfectly when she was pregnant… She wasn’t going to give it up now. 

Same reason she kept her old armor. It holds memories… Or it might just be because it’s comfortable.

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Fingers running through her daughter’s hair as she she bounced from side to side. She was getting bigger and bigger every day and it was… Amazing. Only way she could explain it. Only way it even made sense to her now. It was strange in her mind so much now that… That she had a girl that is part of her. The one thing she wanted her entire life…

Having it made it better. 

Made that life better she was sure was going to be horrible…


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Laughing as she looked down from the tree she was watching over the land in front of her. Two dogs… They were just bickering over meat. Tearing at each other through bites to see who could get it and… It reminded her of many many times growing up. 

Arguing with people in the Talon, arguing over the items they could take from others. Maybe a day they terrorized caravans. It became normal. It was how they got through the day when being evil in the minds of most was how they got through the day. 

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"Everyone h-has one person th-that will al-always be proud of them… I’m s-startin’ ta th-think I’ve g-got some… N-Not so good people on…. Well… Doesn’t f-feel ri-right."

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"I-I’d hate t-ta say it could be worse…."

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Sprawled over the bench where she laid originally for… Most likely a good chunk of the day. She wanted to just stay there… Stay and be comfortable for just a while. Sucking air through her teeth as she sighed before she did bend up slowly to peer over the side of it. 

Swore there was something there… Or maybe a shadow. 

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Daughter on her hip making fun with Sara’s hair again. Pulling on some of the strands or even chewing on them. It was all actions Sara was used to by now. Bobbing side to side as she did look out to the land. Trying to relax slightly with the person that… That kept her alive. That kept her more alive then ever. It was a bond that she was unable to explain to others. However it was something she always wished for. 

To have something that was special to her… 
That she could understand so easily. 
That other’s might not. 

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"Broken homes… Cause Broken hearts…"

Sai took a hand up to the mirror where there was that small image of Ava taped to the surface… And he couldn’t help but feel bad that there was so many feelings still attached to memories…

It felt wrong…

If he still thought it…

Means its been on their mind for a while.

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Artist: Nickelback
Album: Here And Now
Song: Lullaby
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Well I know the feelin'
Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge
And there ain't no healing
From cutting yourself with the jagged edge
I'm telling you that, it's never that bad
Take it from someone who's been where you're at
Laid out on the floor
And you're not sure you can take this anymore

So just give it one more try to a lullaby
And turn this up on the radio
If you can hear me now
I'm reaching out
To let you know that you're not alone
And if you can't tell, I'm scared as hell

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Alex raised an eyebrow. “I didn’ think people around here were on the spiritual side, got to admit”, he commented coolly. Given some of the things he was seeing lately, though, he wasn’t going to bother with skepticism at this point; there was no telling what he might come across round the next corner-not a reassuring thought. The woman didn’t seem to be listening to him, anyway, as her gaze was riveted to the photo in her hands still, as if she was trying to will it to talk to her.


Alex was already working out how to cut the body down when she finally pocketed the picture. “I think there was somethin’ written in the back; of that photo”, he pointed out, recalling the black markings he’d barely really noticed as he watched the woman handle it.

He made a face at her advice. “Yeah, gross; thanks for the warnin’”, he huffed, taking the knife to the noose around the man’s throat; the body fell to the ground with a dull thump-nothing falling off, Alex thought thankfully. “So what do we do with him? An’ for the record, I’m not hungry”, he jested grimly, as he returned her knife to her. 

 ”Doesn’t matter… D-Depends only on wh-what ya think… It’s ya own life right? I-If ya can’t believe in it… W-Why live it… It…. It would be sad… R-Really sad…” That feeling of lying to herself. It wasn’t a great sensation but it was there. Trying to make herself in a roundabout way to feel better… At one point there was a friend who found her in a position that no one ever should… Would Sara ever know if that woman was ever going to think of that day again? Maybe in a way of wishing they left her to die?

Hell, it didn’t matter. 

It didn’t anymore. 

She left. 

She is okay now. 

Markings? Just looking toward the other at the word before she put two and two together. It might be a name? Her hand rushed back to her pocket before she did try to move around slowly hoping to catch one of the rays of light peaking through the wall to be able to read the picture. “Uh name…. Maybe……. I-I can see half of it… Ma…. Ma something….” Feeling her shoulders tense up. “W-Would be so g-great if e-everywhere h-had uh nice light t-ta flip on l-like bu-bullshit casinos do….” Muttering under her breath as she did take herself toward the desk hoping to move something off the wall… Wait was this a desk? It was awful big to be for personal use. 

"W-Was th-there uh sign outside wh-when ya came in h-here?"

Glaring toward the other at the remark over the meal. “I-I prefer my own fresh… B-Blood packs maybe… S-Still beatin’ sh-shit… Y-Ya would be surprised at how w-well some animals blood tastes.” Emphaizing every word that came out of her mouth trying to still give off an air that she may or may not be serious… But at this point she wasn’t fully sure if she cared. He hadn’t attacked her yet over the things she was saying. “C-Can ya see properly wh-what he is wearin’? Jus’…..”

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