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He was nothing more then a mess up… Wasn’t he? Looking in the mirror he was able to see him… And only him. Just the tired look that surrounded him the past few days was almost frightening in his eyes.  He changed as Sara did shy of his scars. Seemed his would get darker over his face and the fact that some even seemed to deepen. They felt worse and worse and he just wanted to pick at them. It was such a mindless thing to do but… Suppose he even would pick at Sara’s arms before when he did not a damned thing to her. Well he might have done more and more at the time but… It wasn’t his fault right? It wasn’t his fault that he was the one that was about most of the time when Sara’s mind got bad right?

Bending his wrists back till he got small cracks out of them before he leaned against the desk behind him. It was all… Getting stranger to him. It was like he was seeing something he wasn’t supposed to and- It felt like he needed to fix something. Till there came the cries from their child. It was the middle of the night and Sai hadn’t even gotten into bed yet. He spent most of the time sitting in front of that mirror now but moving slowly across the room he picked up Magdelena and moved straight for the hall where the light was so he could see his daughter and not have to worry about waking up Mark. 

Sliding down the wall slowly with his back to sit on the ground as he rubbed his daughter’s back slowly. Snorting lightly as the girl did calm down most straight away. One horrible thing about the rooms in the metro… No air circulation. Could get really warm or really cold depending on the temperature outside if their rooms were higher away from the base of the metro.Taking the side of his finger to rub the side of his daughter’s head and a small hand did reach toward his hand and Sai used his hand to wipe away the tears from the red face. It had been some good days with her and she hadn’t been to fussy shy of the temperature changes. 

Maybe if it storms again soon he should bring her out to go hold her hand in the rain. It was something that they wished they could have done when they were growing up. Rain sounded so pretty inside the metro and it was so relaxing. It most always sent them straight to sleep if they were laying in the bed. It could hopefully give Magdelena some comfort as well like it relaxed Mommy. Smiling at his own thoughts… Of him as the mother, well straight up till he got a hand to his bottom lip with a small frown gathering up on his own features as he looked down at the girl with one raised brow. "Goofball. Come on… Let’s get you back to bed. Maybe papa’s snores will stop soon."


“Yes because it became unconformable. I understand that there is a certain understanding of those issues in the post war west. Maybe not to the degree of some but still.”

"Right. Wh-Whatever. Y-Ya are th-tha one who c-came and spoke ta me. I-I have uh daughter ta tend ta instead of listenin’ t-ta ya either way. Whether y-ya are uncomfortable or not, I-i do not care. Good bye."

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“All right I believe you, I do not wish to see your genital scaring…. or even hear about it. That is very a unpleasant conversation topic.”

"And th-that conversation ended damn qu-quick."

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“You go to a privet place and do certain actions that I will not go into. But are discussed in certain Taoist and Hindu texts, and some more controversial authors. You do not need to know about it.”

"…..I have uh daughter ya kn-know… T-That I-i got th-tha scar from muh womanhood toward muh backside t-ta prove it…"

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"The stork delivers them."

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"When you love someone very much…"


"If you get pregnant, you’ll die."

"Well to be t-technical… I-I did slip inta cardiac arrest…. So ehhhh."

"Well, the bee sort of flies to the flowers and swaps around the seeds and that’s how you make babies…"

"………REALLY? I-never-would-have-guessed."


“Well if they plan to hurt me, then they’re not really interested in buying, are they?” Molly said, a little proud of her logic. “And even if they do buy, me ending up in a ditch bein’ eaten by cazadores doesn’t help my profit margin in the long run.”

And yes, Molly was ten, but she was from Westside, something she was ten times more proud of than her logic. “Unless you’re NCR army, anyone who wants to get to the Strip has to go through Freeside.” Molly’s heard lots of theories about why House didn’t take over Freeside too, considering its strategic importance. Some of which worried her a little bit, the more she understood them. “And I’m just talkin, just like everybody else.”

 ”Well if you are using fear as a tatic into buying products… Not everyone in the Wastes is that gullible, are they?” Children… They were bothersome to a point weren’t they? "Cazadores would be your own problem… Not theirs… Your own fault if you can’t out run them or avoid them all together now isn’t it or the fact of you being near them? I believe your mother would not be all to thrilled to know you are around cazadore populated areas."

Keeping his arms crossed over his chest with a small frown on his features still as he raised a brow at the other’s words. "Do the wealthy really ever want to stay there however? I have watched many a person just try to get through the entire area without even so much as taking a breath. I still think if you thought through some of your words… You might sell a touch more… But really…" 

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  • "Well you see, when a man and a woman…"
  • "When you love someone very much…"
  • "Why are you asking?"
  • "Did you get someone pregnant?"
  • "Babies? They sort of just… happen, you open the door and there it is, on the step in a basket."
  • "The stork delivers them."
  • "If you pray hard enough, you get a baby for a present."
  • "Don’t kiss anyone, that’s how babies happen."
  • "If you get pregnant, you’ll die."
  • "How? Well you push and they just come out…"
  • "Can’t you ask your mother about this?"
  • "Isn’t your dad supposed to tell you about this?"
  • "Well, the bee sort of flies to the flowers and swaps around the seeds and that’s how you make babies…"
  • "What do you mean you already know where babies come from?"
  • "No, we’re not making you a baby brother for Christmas."
  • "Sex? Uh… sex is something that you don’t need to know about…"
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"Doesn’t matter; I’ve seen many parents who didn’t give birth to a child, in the strict sense of the world, love that child no less. Parenting is more than the simple physical technicalities", Lir smiled faintly. "My own baby brother is not related to me by blood;my parents took him in after his family passed on; he was never distinguished from the rest of us", she continued with a shrug. She so missed home sometimes when in the field, she sighed inwardly. "Bonds are far more than blood, in my experience, though I can’t really speak of your bond to your daughter. No family of my own", she shrugged.

She tilted her head at being corrected. “Sorry; of course you’re right”, she agreed calmly, as Sai pushed Sara’s long hair out of his face, smiling faintly. “He sounds remarkable; I’d love to meet him sometime”, she said earnestly, voicing her thought from a few moments before.  She frowned at Sai’s next words. “That sounds…romantic  on his part, but damn foolish, no offense”, she said with a sigh. “I like jewelry myself and grande gestures, don’t get me wrong, but to risk his life like that…”She paused. “Good thing he did get back to you; I can only imagine how dead worried you must have been”, she sighed.

"You can’t help things you’re born with", Lir shrugged calmly. She assumed Sai was referring to their health, her scans suggesting that was far less than optimal to begin with. "And they’re not your fault, I might add; some things just…happen". It was amazing, she’d always found, how so many people put stock in fate and destiny, when the universe was so much happenstance and randomness and things happening at the right or wrong time and place. "I do not think you’ve done anything wrong", she shrugged at Sai’s next words. "You or Sara; some things are nobody’s fault…but we do tend to blame ourselves for them".

Exhaling with a small smile on his lips before he did find himself just staring down at his kneecaps. Always called them Mommy and Daddy… Mother and Father… It was strange when they saw Gordon to want to call him anything but his first name. “I suppose it is just a silly thought is all… Violette and us… We aren’t related by blood but yet we used to get mistaken for twins when our hair was still black. Only really difference we had was eye color.” Yet again… Sai always seemed to get punished when he spoke to their sister. Punished for not being what Violette wanted… She wanted Sara to be one full person instead of many broken bits… 

Exhaling sharply at the other’s words at the correction. Was he getting treated like an entirely different person by her as well? It was strange to have to correct someone to remind them they are the same when they see Sara when speaking to him. “We had nightmares for ages after he came back… Nights Sara would fall asleep and I would wake up the one in a cold sweat and just feeling ill from the dreams we would see again and again… Dreams of him screaming out in pain just wanting to get the ring… Wanting to be home for his daughter and us. Accidentally smacked him, middream, the first night he came home when we got to sleep with his arms around us for the first time in ages.” Raising a brow at the other. Half feeling a lump form in his throat wanting to yell at the other about letting what happened… Just stay that way to not bring it back up but… "He half would have gotten us a wedding dress if he could. We love jewelry… It mattered to him… So we don’t see it that way. We would risk our life to get something he wanted… Without thinking… Hell… We had a child where our heart did stop during birth."

"But you can get yelled at for it." Saying it simply as he leaned back slowly where he sat crossing his arms over his chest with a small frown on his features. How wrong Lir is… "Hope… Was uh person… A-And… An-And where we grew up we were forced to take something from our own lives and… I was still fully Sara then… We were mentally okay… For the most part."

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"It is part of being a child…I think at least?"Cerus half-asked, a bit thoughtful as to how to handle this. Tread carefully, he thought to himself with a sigh. "She’s smiling", he pointed out, though Sara could see for herself. If the baby was  smiling, then he was pretty sure she wasn’t at all seriously hurt, but he wasn’t about to tell Sara that…again. He kept saying the wrong thing, apparently, he sighed.

"I don’t", he answered her question instead. "Perhaps one of her toys?"

"Fallin’ off uh chair an-and hurtin’ yaself? No-Not in muh Family th-then…" Sure Sara and Violette were the only kids that grew up in it but… "A-An’ wh-what is wi-with tha question? S-Say it if ya mean it… I-i don’t bite an-and I-I am holdin’ muh child… Think I-i would lash out wh-while I-I got her in muh arms?" Half snorting at the other before she did use two fingers to try to pull the cloth from Magdelena’s mouth that she had been chewing on with… Well seemed the cloth was more fun to chew on then to let Sara try to hear her say something. 

"Well… I-I might rubber p-pad so-some of th-them… L-Like I-i said… She acts l-like her father fr-from time ta time… Man ch-child… A-And daughter." Just Magdelena seemed to have other things that were like Sara… Just playing and goofing around? Mark at every turn. 

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Cerus had to smile at Sara’s words there, though he sighed at her staring at him a moment later. “Fine”, he sighed, still more than a little unclear as to what the fuss was even about; he’d never been fussed over as a boy-he remembered only one time, actually, when he’d been dropped off a horse and had got seriously hurt, but mentioning that sort of thing to Sara would do neither of them any favors, he was sure. “I’m sorry; you’re her mother, I got that. I’m just…trying to distract you, I guess”, he admitted mildly. “And I don’t…know much about that kind of concern”, he shrugged.”But she’ll be just fine, I can tell you that much”.

He shook his head amusedly at her sticking her tongue out at him, as she took the fresh cloth he’d offered her.

"Fine?" Was that really all it simply was? He got her frustrated over a bruise on her daughter’s head and… Fine? Blotting at her daughter’s head again with the cloth as she actually got a small content smile out of her daughter. That was good. Smiling at the little face looking up at her. "Imagine uh ch-child… T-That frankly could f-fall an-and… Fall just off uh ch-chair and get hurt? Stop s-sayin’ she will be fine… I-I know she will… Jus’…" Sara always was in the end as well just… It hurt to know that your child was hurt. Frankly she needed to figure out what she bung her head into so Sara could make sure it didn’t happen again. The second she would see blood, she wasn’t going to be a happy Mommy. 

"Do ya kn-know what she hit inta?"

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