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Groaning as she felt her shoulders drop. They were sore and seems just sitting still is the time they felt worse and worse. 

Hand in her hair with a small frown on her features before she sighed. Falling apart… Like normal. 


Maggie twisted her head side to side, a rebellious whining came from her closed lips.The prince tsk-ed the child and cursed something low in his language.

"Stubborn like a big horner, this one." his eyes hardened, tone layered with a pinch of annoyance.It made him seem harder, like wood fossilized into stone. 

"Maaah-ma." he goaded the child, attempting to make her  echo his words.She looked patient, just for a moment.

"Maaah?" He tightened the distance between his and Maggie’s head, giving his head a swaying tilt and rounding out his eyes. 

"Maah ma." She repeated; Salt’s face washed over with snickering smile. He took the opportunity to slip the spoon into her hanging mouth,she didn’t seem to put up a fight. 

"Mbah." She said with a full mouth, she reached for Sara, hand clasping shut, and back open.Salt wiped off a trickle of paste off her lip, and slipped a hand under Maggie’s arm to hoist her back into Sara’s arms. 

"You must be proud to have such a healthy daughter.Very hard to have one so healthy in this world."

"You never answered me before; are you doing fine, is there anything you need from me?"

Snorting as she let her arms drop down to her side at the other’s remark. “First t-time I-I have heard th-thta she is not like… Me…” Stubborn like her mother. Heard it so many times now that the Vampire knew it must be true. Stubborn can be real or- 

Sara half choked on an inhale of air half tried to hold back a small laugh at the sight in front of her. Nose scrunching up in a small smile of her own as she got to hear the misshaped words that she always wanted to hear her own child say again and again. Mama… That’s what she is. That is what she wanted to be and that is what she is now. 

Magdelena’s hands going toward her and without thinking Sara’s hands went toward her daughter to take her child back into her arms. Kissing her forehead before she looked up and over the black curls at the man on the other side of the room. “Hmmmmm?” Groaning quickly before she went to open her mouth as a small hand yanked down on Sara’s white locks. 

"Healthy…." Smiling behind her daughter’s head before she did bring the child down slowly so Salt could see her face. "H-Has been muh wo-worry th-that she… That she will be far t-to much like me… Takes after h-her Daddy in th-tha Health department… Thankfu-Thankfully."

"Hmmmmm?" Is she fine? Straight away she felt her shoulders tense up before she did open her mouth wanting to spit out the answer of… She is fine. That she always is fine. "D-Depends… I-I guess…." Could feel that headache in the base of her skull forming. "I-It will sound insane…"

"Is that blood on the floor?"


Lir glanced at  the dark red substance littering the floor at Sara’s feet for a moment, before her computer interface confirmed that it was scanned.

"Nope, not blood; looks like some sort of syrup", she smiled faintly. "I’m thinking strawberry or maybe maple".

Removing her hand from her nose as a slightly sweet? Smell hit her nose. First thing the white haired female did was walk toward the syrup slowly before crouching down. “Maple? ‘N-Nother Canadian th-thing?”

"I-I should rea-really keep uh book of wh-what we find… S-Seems its al-always strange th-thing’s with ya…  W-What was th-this buildin’ for again?"

"Did he do this to himself?"


"I don’ really think I want to know…"Alex made a face at the hanged up body.

"Someon-Someone is uh par-party pooper…. N-Not like people around here ta be… Hung up on somethin’… Gun is normally tha choice for deaths… I-If ya understand wh-what I-i am gettin’ at."



Cerus chuckled. “I’ve already been watching her for a few minutes and she hasn’t exploded yet, so I guess I’m good for a little bit longer, aye. I’ve had to deal with much deadlier things than a baby lately”, he shrugged. A dragon and Persian politics…really, babysitting seemed like a very relaxing break about now.

"She’s b-been fed… G-Give it time… Al-Always give it time." Rolling her eyes slowly to the side as she leaned up slowly taking a hand down to rub at her lower belly before she turned her head to look at the other. "W-Well don’t go th-thinkin’ she is a frag g-grenade o-or ya an’ I-I are gonna have uh fuckin’ p-pr-problem." Groaning as she leaned back down slowly on the couch. "She is gonna end up ca-callin’ ya uncle Cerus a-at thi-this rate…"

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He tilted his head as he was kneeled down. He then stood up and looked the women up and down before he raised his eyebrow and rubbed his chin “Why’s that? Are you crippled? I mean if it’s a broken leg Stimpaks can help with a lot. Can I atleast know why it’s Know fixable?” He asked concerned even though he was angry earlier

Hands jerking back quickly as the other did kneel down. Half debating quickly in the back of her mind if she wished to move her foot back or not but that always risked one thing of her falling flat on her face. “Y-Yeah… I-i am….” Reluctantly saying it as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Stims never helped muh problem e-even when it fi-first happened… Leg was f-far to gone…” Muttering lightly like the small child she always acted like. “One g-grows used to it.”

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Raising an upper lip to the strip. The thing that happened every damn time that he got near it. Could remember every touch from that sleaze. Didn’t want to get close to them didn’t want to be near the entire place itself. It was a careless area where people only seemed to get drunk and vomit over themselves. 

He could just remember that touch.
Those words. 
Not being able to leave when he wished…

Could remember how much of a woman Sara felt like however. 
Dresses and jewelry. Felt like she got the chance she was given the opportunity to be what she wanted to be growing up, Just now Sara felt like more of a woman then ever and she didn’t have to walk around with dresses and looking like she was just asking to get mugged on the strip. 

One thankful thing Sai did enjoy. 

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Artist: Yoav ft. Emily Browning
Album: Sucker Punch
Song: Where Is My Mind?
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Your head will collapse
But there’s nothing in
But you ask yourself
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?

Frowning as she moved her head back and away from the light peering out of the other room. It was not amusing… People showing up in places that she thought they weren’t supposed to be… “Fuck.”

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"Uh..Oh.. Did I pass out?"


"I think you fell asleep", Cerus smiled down to the woman, lying sprawled across a small, somewhat frayed-looking couch. "I can watch Maggie for you, if you want to go back to sleep", he offered. She probably needed the rest direly.

Hand traveling up to her hair to push it away from her face slowly. Feeling sickly and warm…. Great. “I-I think ya were to busy p-playin’ with Magdelena to notice… A-And since wh-when were ya okay with actually  bein’ around muh ch-child… Sh-She not uh big bomb ta ya anymore… Actually like her?”


Taken times. Taken memories. Hissing as he rubbed the sides of his head with the butt of his palms as he tried his best to just calm down. Need to leave him alone. Not make him remember. What he first had when he came to. What he first had when he was something just not part of Sara. 

Come on. You are not that strong. Do what you want. Not what she wants…. Wouldn’t it be so damn easy? 

It isn’t fair. It was never fair. His head throbbing as he did take his hands forward to just shake them free trying to give himself a different feeling but that throbbing in his head still stayed. He wanted his bed… His teddy. Something for him where he can stay relaxed.

It wasn’t here. 

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Artist: Papa Roach
Album: Getting Away With Murder
Song: Getting Away With Murder
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It isn't possible
To never tell the truth
But the reality is I'm getting away with murder


He looked at her leg eyeing it and brought out a stimpak and shouted over at the women “Hey Lady do you need help?” He said as he ran after her

Settling her hands on her hips as she began to mentally collect herself. Just talking could be so damned draining at times. Wanting or needing to be nice to people… She couldn’t do it. She didn’t want to do it all the time, nor did she do it now. Snapping her head to the side as she heard a shout and one white brow raised at the other’s words. “A-About what?” Looking down and over herself. Did she have something wrong? “Oh… I-I don’t think that is fi-fixable… Nice ya c-care though….”

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I had one wish. Only one. To have my own body to do what no other ever did properly and safely, I wanted a body. My own body. So that people could see and feel me as me. Now here we are. She can see me and I can see her. Separated but whole as ever. 

Guardian Angel Sai and Angel of Death Sara by chame

I had one wish. Only one. To have my own body to do what no other ever did properly and safely, I wanted a body. My own body. So that people could see and feel me as me. Now here we are. She can see me and I can see her. Separated but whole as ever. 

Guardian Angel Sai and Angel of Death Sara by chame